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Apr 20, 2010 5:30pm EDT
as toyota agrees to hand over $16.5 million for being slow about its recall effort, the company is keeping more vehicles from moving off dealership lots because of safety issues. toyota is wowing to fix the problem. >>> slowly, slowly air traffic is getting back in the skies over europe. a number of flights took off today but in britain many planes remain grounded because of the giant cloud of ash. some brits stranded in spain are hitching rides home aboard royal navy ships. others are hoping to grab a spot on a cruise liner sent to rescue them. >>> president obama calls the late dorothy height the godmother of the civil rights movement. she died at howard university hospital this morning. joe johns looks at the legacy she leaves behind. >> dr. tore think l. height. >> at the funeral of coretta scott king in 2006, presidents stood to honor dorothy height. at the age of 93, as she celebrated the life of mrs. king, she might have been talking about her own. >> there are some people who live their lives not just for themselves alone, but for others. >> reporter: and she had a message for t
Apr 12, 2010 5:30pm EDT
or firefighters. >>> more trouble for toyota tonight. "the new york times" reports federal regulators are deciding whether the company should pay more for failing to give timely notice of acceleration problems. according to a letter to toyota a second fine may be assessed. the "times" says that is based on documents that show the company knew of two separate defects related to acceleration. toyota has until april 19th to appeal that fine. >>> a developing story now out of cancun, mexico. new questions in the murder of a tv reality producer's wife in a luxury resort in mexico. prosecutors are calling on the former "survivor" producer, bruce beresford, redman, the prime suspect. it's believed she was strangled and dumped in a sewer. outside of a popular brazilian restaurant she owned. >> the memories are here. >> hotel guests report hearing the couple fighting in the hours before police believe she was killed. friends and family members say she recently had an affair and his wife found out about it. they say the two went to the posh mexican resort to repair the damage to their damage. bruce redman h
Apr 1, 2010 5:30pm EDT
, toyota, veer verizon and walmart. >> all the companies were submit and voted by readers. people are just going off on these company and dealings with them. >>> lindsay davis has the report on the full extent of the devastation of the eastern seaboard. >> reporter: after three days of trend, rain this couple sought refuge from the floods with a 21st century ark. alex managed to weather the storm inside his home but his basement is filled with water. >> the water poured in for the last two or three days. as the serious situation. >> reporter: the shopping mall in the ocean state is now an island surrounded by a lake that used to be the parking lot. a security guard was the last person there. he was taken away by raft. the rivers have crested but water is still everywhere. >> yesterday was probably around three feet deep. it has gone up six feet. >> there are fish in my basement right now. fish! >> reporter: in new hampshire this 16-year-old boy was rescued from a tree. he was swept off his bike on a flooded road. >> people need to understand this is not going away today. >> reporter: amtra
Apr 14, 2010 5:30pm EDT
of is toyota. that's the car making headlines. there are other recalls out there. linda smith tried to shop smart for her teenager daughter so when the car broke down she got mad. turns out the broken part was a subjects of a recall issued before she bought the car. she took the car to the local dealer who made the $1,000 fix all for free. >> it was hugely important because i would have probably taken it to a local garage to have it fixed and paid for it. >> carfax vehicle history report company says last year 1.4 million cars recalled but not repaired changed hands. now they offer consumers a free recall check on the website. if you are buying a used car it is a good idea to check it out first. it doesn't cost you any extra. >>> government watchdog group released annual pig report. it outlines projects lawmakers put into the budget to benefit constituents at home. spending on earmarks is down 15% from last year. since 2006 earmarks are down 40%. >> everything else in washington is going up quite rapidly, congress has managed to reduce the number and cost of earmarks. >> some of the largest
Apr 28, 2010 5:30pm EDT
his wife had left their home in her toyota van to get cigarettes and had not been seen or heard from since then. investigators found her van burning along caulkies mill road the day before her husband reported her missing then a few weeks later two teens found her body in woods knee owings mills. >>> a paint factory worker remains in critical condition after being hurt in a flash fire. it happened at the plant in williams port. the victim, michael burton, jr. was flown to hopkins bayview burn center with third degree burns on his face. the fire broke out during a mixing process and did more than $100,000 worth of damage to that plant. >>> now for a look at tonight's top stories. three students have reportedly been sus- sped -- suspended after a girl with cerebral palsy threatened to kill herself after being bullied by class mates. she reportedly tried to jump out of a window but the executive director of student support and safety for the school system say they don't believe the 3rd grader ever actually got in the window. he confirms at least one of the suspended students had alleged
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5